Research perspectives: A look to the HyMeX program

DOI: 10.3369/tethys.2012.9.06

Tethys no. 9 pp.: 53 - 63


The international HyMeX (Hydrological Mediterranean Experiment) program aims to improve our understanding of the water cycle in the Mediterranean, using a multidisciplinary and multiscale approach and with emphasis on extreme events. This program will improve our understanding and our predictive ability of hydrometeorological hazards including their evolution within the next century. One of the most important results of the program will be its observational campaigns, which will greatly improve the data available, leading to significant scientific results. The interest of the program for the Spanish research groups is described, as the active participation of some of them in the design and execution of the observational activities. At the same time, due to its location, Spain is key to the program, being a good observation platform. HyMeX will enrich the work of the Spanish research groups, it will improve the predictive ability of the weather services, will help us to have a better understanding of the impacts of hydrometeorological extremes on our society and will lead to better strategies for adapting to climate change.


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